Monday, May 15, 2017

April 2017 Door knobs, LED lights and a backyard

In April of 2017 we continued with finishes like door knobs, LED strip lighting (which was a failure that took us months to trouble shoot. My soldering skills are sub-par) and sourcing electricity to the new location. That last one was hard, as we could not afford the wiring new & the quotes from electricians to hook up directly from the power line were similarly expensive. In the end I found some wire on Kijiji classified ads in a city 3 hours away. We spent one Saturday driving there and back.

The tiny house also got a backyard, because we spent one weekend pulling dozens of alders from the wet ground, and burning them on the spot. Then we moved the electrical shed (which is now going to be a bathroom space), which was tricky and had to be put on hold because of descending darkness.

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