Monday, May 15, 2017

November 2016 Painting...and more painting

We basically took all of August and September off! To enjoy music festivals, our visiting family members, the harvest season and a well deserved 10 year wedding anniversary trip overseas.

I spent many hours, upon our return, painting all the things. With various coats of paint. Also patching the cheap tongue & groove with SO MUCH latex caulking. Which then needed to be repainted.

It seemed like an endless cycle.

Nice fat exterior trim was also added to the roof of the Tiny House, which had to be done before asphalt shingles could be installed (husband did most of that but showed me the basics so I could do the electrical shed when the time came).

I also framed out a small electrical shed with lumber that was milled from Spruce. We reclaimed some board & batten for the exterior finish. This is a time lapse video of one of the walls:

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