Monday, May 15, 2017

February 2017 Hardwood flooring

A local retailer has a yearly "yard sale" where they sell smaller lots of flooring at deep discounts. We went for our main home's bathroom renovation in the summer of 2016 and while browsing the warehouse noticed a large mismatched pile of packaged hardwood set aside. We asked about it and they said it was "garbage", ie single boxes that were unsellable. We asked if we could have it, they said yes!

So we trucked home dozens of broken open boxes of hardwood with the help of my father in law, and stored it in our barn until it was time to find 150 sq. ft. for the tiny house (Feb 2017). We opened all the boxes of the same approximate colour, organized it all carefully, and then realized the t&g fittings were not exactly compatible. We were gutted, and the project stalled for a week while we re-boxed the first version of hardwood flooring (a lighter, more caramel colour tone) and did it all over again with the darker tones. It took a few weekends to install but it made a huge difference in the finished feeling of the tiny house.

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